Are you ready to feel unstoppable?


Working with female leaders I have observed one of the biggest hidden challenges preventing these female leaders from powerfully claiming their seat at the table is their own imposter syndrome (the inner feelings of self doubt and lack of confidence).

In this Covid time we've seen the phenomenal power of female leadership from world leaders in New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark & Taiwan.

I hear people saying we need more leaders like Jacinda Adern - the truth is there are many leaders just like Jacinda that have not been given/or given themselves the opportunity to step up and speak out.

I believe this has got to change, so I'm doing my bit to help and put my focus on a mission much bigger than I have ever dared to create and imagine before.

I want to help women leverage their imposter syndrome to feel unstoppable.

100,000 female leaders is a mammoth mission, but I'm committed to bringing this to life and choosing to play a bigger game because I think women everywhere should have the confidence to claim their equal seat at the table (whatever table they wish to sit at).

 Glin x


More Clarity

I want you to make the difference that you want to make. Helping you clarify your own vision and creating a clear plan to make it happen.  

When female leaders tap into their purpose and a clear vision it's powerful to see the change that they ignite in the world around them.

More Confidence

Too many women step back from making the impact they are more than capable of making because they lack the inner confidence.  

I work with you to unlock your unstoppable power and create the life and leadership you want.

More Time & Fun

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. I believe women can and do accomplish more by working smarter, not longer or harder.  

I work with you to create your leadership leverage and have a greater impact with less work.

Unstoppable Challenge


One Week Program

  • Commit 30mins of work each day for one week and discover your unstoppable power
  • Supported with 4 Days of Live Group Coaching Sessions over one week for personal breakthroughs
  • Join other leaders ready to ignite change and claim their seat at the table.
Let's Go!

Ready to do this?

For the price of two weeks worth of coffees this is not an offer not to be missed - I'm committed to doing my part to helping more female leaders reach their goals so that they can in turn help others reach theirs - are you ready to be one of them?

Leading others begins with leading yourself.

Help other females leaders unlock their unstoppable power by showing them how you unlocked yours.

Thinking of working with me?

Here's what others have to say about working with me.

Catherine Bampton - CFO, Lebara

"Glin's Unstoppable Women eight week leaders program is an opportunity to set aside some time to assess your life goals and work through a practical and realistic framework to give yourself the best chance to achieve them. 

It was good to sit down and plan, it does bring clarity and it forces you to consider how to overcome obstacles before they happen. It's a great tool Glin!

Glin is an amazing coach who always knows the right thing to say to guide you to a realisation about yourself.  

Each participant had an 'aha' moment each week."

Emily Pearson - Experience Design Manager, Deloitte

"Several weeks into this program, the value I’ve gained from it has far surpassed my expected outcomes.

Glin offers deep wisdom and insight around topics that are often difficult to articulate.

Glin’s caring facilitation style has fostered genuine connection and support among the group, which in turn allows us the opportunity to learn from our own ah-ha moments as well as others.

I’m really treasuring the time we spend together each week."

Christy Gray, IT Delivery Manager, Charter Hall

"From this program I got to know my identity better, which has helped me direct my goals towards that identity.

I've learn a framework that helps me to achieve my goals through self-motivation & leadership. 

It’s been a powerful impact to my personal and professional wellbeing so far.

It's helped me reflect and take action, to listen to my body and understand what I need."

Have you worked with people that think they are better than they actually are?

Imagine if you had the same confidence but with your competence levels.  What would you do?  What life would you create?


Let's Start Now

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