Unstoppable Women Executive Leaders

There is something magical that happens when you connect a group of heart aligned female leaders together to discover their unstoppable power.

In every group workshop and leaders program that I have run I have seen women experience the same 'aha' moment.

It's the moment when there is a very strong feeling of sonder - the deep realisation that every woman in the room is living a life and navigating an inner narrative as complex as their own.

Through the stories and the sharing of personal and professional journeys the sessions are incredibly insightful, deeply connecting and a clear driving force for unlocking their individual and collective unstoppable power.

I'm always humbled by the courage and vulnerability shown by the leaders I work with. I know that when they feel unstoppable that the impact they will have on the businesses they lead, their own families and the communities they reach will be a significant and a measurable force for good.

If you or your business are looking to develop your senior female leaders and would like to learn more about the work I do I'd love to hear from you.


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More Clarity

I want you to make the difference that you want to make. Helping you clarify your own vision and creating a clear plan to make it happen.  

When female leaders tap into their purpose and a clear vision it's powerful to see the change that they ignite in the world around them.

More Confidence

Too many women step back from making the impact they are more than capable of making because they lack the inner confidence.  

I work with you to unlock your unstoppable power and create the life and leadership you want.

More Time & Fun

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. I believe women can and do accomplish more by working smarter, not longer or harder.  

I work with you to create your leadership leverage and have a greater impact with less work.

Unstoppable Woman Mini Workshop


3hr Virtual Workshop - 4th Sept 2020

  • 3hr Virtual Workshop via Zoom
  • Intimate Group - Powerful Results
  • Clarity for where to go in your career and life leadership
  • Call bullshit on what's holding you back and have #nofail steps to get you out of your own way
  • A 12mth Measurable Action Plan
  • Work with other Unstoppable Women to scale your vision and cultivate your network
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Ready to take action?

I love working with women who're ready to take their life and leadership to the next level - this workshop is packed full of resources and if you are committed to unlocking your unstoppable power then this is a powerful starting point.

Thinking of working with me?

Here's what others have to say about working with me.

Lesley Kennedy - Experienced ASX CFO 

"It was a really powerful experience to have a group of female leaders share their goals and obstacles in realising these, and to learn that we all share the same fears and challenges.  Glin was fantastic at bringing the H.E.A.R.T.® framework and sharing her personal goals and challenges to bring the framework to life. It's a tool I will use in my professional and private life going forward."

Niki Berridge - Senior Knowledge and Capability Development Manager, TAL

"I found this workshop incredibly valuable.  The framework and content strongly resonated with me and the timing of the workshop aligned perfectly with my current stage of career transition.  The group dynamic, exercises and discussions were deep, insightful and powerful.  Glin is. a heart centred leader and the H.E.A.R.T.® framework unequivocally embodies this ethos.  I would definitely recommend it to all senior female leaders."

Zara McKinstry - Strategic Planning & Operations, Chartered Accountants ANZ

"The workshop provided me with a solid structure that will help me into my future at work and play!  I found the story telling from the group extremely insightful and realised that we are all experiencing similar challenges."

Unstoppable Women Monthly Mastermind 

I know life gets busy and it's easy to get caught in the daily grind. It's why I've created this monthly mastermind group. It's for female leaders that are interested in being part of a community of like minded leaders that recognise the value of self leadership and personal development and the power having clear accountability to make change happen.

These mastermind sessions are 90mins every month and each month there is a different topic, opportunity to learn, share goals and connect with other women who want to make a significant difference in way they lead and influence and also live their best life.

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