• Glin Bayley

How to lead with certainty in times of uncertainty

There are plenty of things you can be certain of in these uncertain times, that make you a much stronger leader.

Right now, the world around us is dealing with a significant magnitude of change and it feels like there is a huge amount of uncertainty facing many of us.

How long will this last? Will I be safe? Will my family and friends be ok? Will I have a job? Will I be able to cope with working and home-schooling for the next 6months? Will I keep my sanity with this isolation? Will my business survive? What will happen to the economy if this continues for the remainder of the year?

So many questions and some of them can’t be answered – we don’t have certainty.

But when it comes to executive leadership we need to lead with certainty even when it feels like there is none.

So, what can you be certain of at this time?

1. This too shall pass – it always does

2. You can and must trust yourself if you want be an effective leader

3. You can choose to accept the uncertainty – it’s much better than fearing it

4. Boundaries between work and home are more necessary now than ever – don’t be afraid of being clear on what you need for yourself and from others

5. We will be in social isolation for at least the next 90 days so you can create a 90-day plan for being at home

6. Shortening the planning cycles at work and doing rolling forecasts will be more effective than trying to do one-time annual plans at this time

7. Not everyone will have an ergonomic set up at home – therefore you must encourage movement and exercise to maintain physical well-being

8. Mental and emotional well-being is critical as many will be navigating fear, so a self-care routine is critical for you, your family and your team – put this on the agenda for your daily/weekly meetings

9. That we are always better together – connect with others regularly to keep spirits up during this time

10. That we will absolutely have a new way of working post Covid-19, home working has been proved possible for many roles, paradigms have shifted – so allow yourself some time to think about the future work/life you want, and consider what this will mean for your business and team

11. Time is nature is always restorative so taking time to go for walk each day will recharge you when you feel low

12. Transparent, clear and consistent communication is necessary to keep people feeling safe

13. There is a need to create psychological safety for people on video meetings – it’s important to help them feel safe to contribute and have a voice remember they are inviting work into their safe space at home through video – this should be respected.

These are just a few things to be certain of and consider in this time – there is much more that you can be certain of but start with this list.

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