• Glin Bayley

How to make good decisions when you feel anxious

Making a good decision when you feel anxious is like trying to find a matching pair, in a drawer of odds socks.

Anxiety is what you feel, when you are feeling fearful of the future. Given the current uncertain environment, there are many leaders that will be feeling overwhelmed and anxious navigating in this uncertain time.

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious it’s important to remember that your thoughts and mind are in the future and not this present moment.

The first thing you need to do is stop, pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Pay attention to your body, feel the weight of your body on the chair and feel your feet on the ground. Get present and centre your energy.

This is a very important step - you cannot make any good decisions if you don’t first calm your nervous system and get your head clear of the fearful chatter.

Remember, leaders that aren’t decisive, are followers not leaders.

When you are feeling calm, consider the decision that you need to make and then answer the questions in the matrix below.

Consider the Impact

Make the decision

Once you’ve run your decision through the matrix above, write down the decision you have made.

Why you made the decision

Then write down why you made the decision. It’s helpful to capture your thinking process so that when you evaluate the decision in the future you can clearly understand your decision-making approach.

Good outcomes are not the same as good decisions

It’s helpful to remember that decision making is a skill and a good outcome isn’t the same as a good decision. By capturing your decision-making method, you can revisit your thinking when the outcome becomes apparent.

Don’t be afraid of getting a different outcome to the one you wanted. Outcomes are not always in your control but making a good decision with the information you have available is within you circle of control.

The more you can apply a rational process to decision making at times you feel significant pressure and anxiety the better you will be at making them.

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