Change Leadership Begins With Self Leadership

Designed to take business leaders on a journey to elevate their personal performance and engagement by delving deeper into their personal motivations and illuminating factors that inhibit their self leadership.

It starts with you


We know that when you aren't connected to your heart that you can't live your best life, nor can you deliver your best work.

Connecting to your passions and purpose is only one step in creating the life you want and identifying your personal inhibitors is another.

The absence of the clarity of both makes it impossible to create a plan that gets you where you want to be.

Our programs begin with a self evaluation tool that we use as a diagnostic for areas of focus.

We go deep


The programs are dedicated to going deep into the five principles of living with H.E.A.R.T.® analysing and teaching why they matter as well as sharing the tools necessary to develop a personalised action plan aligned to creating the life you want.

Built around engaging group participation with story sharing, open hearted conversations and combining action learning, group coaching and focussed reflection.

You get results


With a personalised action plan and accountability to yourself and others in the program there is a cadence for change and a community of impact created through the programs.

You get the results of creating the life you want, in alignment with your heart, through the commitment of others helping you leap and your commitment for doing the same in return.






Hear from those that have experienced working with me.

The program challenged the way I think – mostly by considering how differently others think and using that knowledge to improve relationships and resolve problems.  
I make more of an effort to tackle and resolve issues and challenge assumptions rather than just accepting how things are.  
I really enjoyed Glin’s program, especially challenging the way I think. The Heart Experience
has made me a better leader by improving my confidence and learning how to build better

It was a really powerful experience to have a group of female leaders share their goals and obstacles in realising these, and to learn that we all share the same fears and challenges.  Glin was fantastic at bringing the H.E.A.R.T.® framework and sharing her personal goals and challenges to bring the framework to life. It's a  tool I will use in my professional and private life going forward.

Kerry Andrews - Chief Operating Officer, Black Line Retail

Lesley Kennedy - ASX CFO

A powerful framework to allow us to reach our full potential in any area of life. Glin is amazing in her delivery.  Speaking from the heart and being authentic and vulnerable.  Glin helps you find what you had within yourself all along.

This workshop  re-inforced some great stuff I'm already doing and also highlighted some non-negotiable.  There is not enough focus on heart in the workplace.  If every corporate employee went into work with heart, their day would be far more rewarding.

Francesca Meijer - Insight Marketing, Bupa

Stacey Walker - Head of IT Delivery, Charter Hall

Glin's workshop was like unpicking a poor sewing job, that needed to be undone, redone, and strengthened to create something that won't fall apart again.

The workshop gave me clarity, focus and courage.  It was great spending the day with such a wise and experienced group of ladies.  The session was well structured & Glin is beautifully insightful, calm and encouraging.

Naomi Piggott - Campbell Arnotts

Annette Dal Pra - Senior Commercial Finance Manager, Holcim ANZ

We often don't take time out for ourselves to stop, reflect and understand our heart.  Glin's workshop is honest, authentic and practical and I was able to walk away with clarity and an action plan I could implement straight away.

This workshop provided me clarity on my goals for the next 12mths and a clear pathway to get them.

Nicole Stevens - Change Management Executive, Telstra

Anna Cameron - GM Finance, Woolworths

I received key insights and guidance and tools to be able to understand my biggest fear and thus put in place a process to overcome it and feel balanced and happy.

Claudia Galvis - Executive Manager Transformation, Pump Free Energy Australia

I got a real difference to the clarity of my goals, where they come from and re-assurance that I'm on the right path.  The language in this workshop helped  me feel more confident in my plans.  Glin is an awesome coach, really talking from the heart and making a real difference to other people.

Claudia Moeller-Nelson - Director Digital Strategy & Ecommerce, Step Ahead Global


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