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Helping ambitious women negotiate, get clarity and develop the confidence to be unstoppable.


Glin & Tonic Weekly Heart to Heart

[Medicine for my Heart & Soul]

Each week I write a personal blog, I share how I'm navigating my own journey of self-alignment & self-leadership and the challenges I face along the way. It's my safe space for self-expression and a space where you can journey with me.

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Helping you live your truth and be unstoppable.

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If you'd like to find your own unstoppable power and share the journey with other like minded women, then the Unstoppable Woman 8wk Program is perfect for you to not only have your own personal transformation but broaden and deepen your peer network in the process.  Expect high accountability and massive action.

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Private Executive Coaching

This is perfect if you want to get immediate clarity and a focussed action plan that's tailored exactly to your situation and life needs. 
Private 1:1 coaching is perfect if you have a specific challenge/s you want to work on and would benefit from dedicated support to help you accelerate towards the life you want.

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Imposter to Unstoppable

If you've been struggling with Imposter Syndrome, this short 7-day program will help you overcome your inner imposter monster. You’ll discover practical and immediately actionable solutions that give you focus and move you closer to becoming unstoppable.


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Unstoppable Woman Scorecard

Are you looking for clarity and direction?

The Unstoppable Woman scorecard will measure you against five key areas of the H.E.A.R.T.® Self Leadership Framework which takes women from Unfulfilled and Stuck to Unstoppable.

The scorecard provides clarity on areas to focus on, so you can get the promotion you want, create the life of your dreams and become UNSTOPPABLE!

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Hi I'm Glin,

My passion for heart led leadership started in 2015 when I found myself questioning who I was after my marriage ended. I realised then, that I was only living half a life and not a life that was aligned to my heart.

In re-discovering myself I revealed the power of leading with heart and developed my proprietary H.E.A.R.T.® self leadership method.

I know the personal impact I've experienced through leading with my heart, from finding the courage to start my own business (after 17 yrs in finance),  to developing deep inner confidence in myself and having an unstoppable vision to help more women find the clarity and confidence to be who they really are.

Feeling unstoppable isn't about just doing more, it's about being heart aligned and being more of who you are so that you get bring your unique gifts and talents and make a contribution to the world that's meaningful to you.

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Companies I've worked with

Unstoppable Woman

I discovered the power of leading with my heart and going deep within to see myself more clearly.

I only realised after I left my corporate career how many women didn't feel confident in being their true self and being really honest with what they wanted.  

I know during my corporate career I wish I had more female role models that showed me that it was ok to be who I was.  I was very grateful to have a heart led leader like Lorna Raine, CFO at George Weston Foods as a mentor who has also kindly written the foreword for my book.

I believe we need more women feeling confident to create a powerful leadership impact all while aligning with who they are and creating the life they want.  

I wrote a book sharing more about my story so you can discover yours.

If you'd like to order your own signed copy click the link below. 

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Healing After Heartbreak

Because sometimes it takes heart break to break us open to who we are.

My journey began after my marriage ended and my own heart break.  I learned more about myself and discovered gifts and talents I didn't know I had within me.  This book is written with the intention to help anyone that is going through heartbreak to take a fifty day journey to discover their own heart-song.

With healing activities it helps you discover a love unconditional and true.

To order your copy - click the link below.

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