Helping ambitious female business leaders who are seeking more time, energy and confidence to be unstoppable.   Heart of Human helps you dig deep not only to understand, but also leverage your power to make change happen.





Heart of Human was developed in recognition of the desire to live our best life.

Too often our fear of failure stops us from unleashing the magic inside us.  We see others succeed and wonder what the secret is, often believing we don't have the same ingredients that they have.

The journey to following your heart isn't always easy but the satisfaction of a living a life in alignment to who you are is one that is always worth embarking on.

Heart of Human helps you discover that 'you've always had the power and that you just had to learn it for yourself'.

The programs, coaching and resources are dedicated to help you get clarity, clear obstacles and build confidence to become the best you can be and live a life that truly fulfils you.

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Our best life and the ability to make change happen, for ourselves and others, lies at the intersection of passion & purpose, whole human wellbeing and courage & resilience.



If you are a business leader, research tells us that 70 percent of people (you/your team) are disengaged in their jobs and if you are a business entrepreneur, research tells us greater than 60 percent of businesses in Australia fail within the first three years.

To add to this research, 20 percent of Australians are reported to experience a mental illness in any one year and that number is increasing.  

It's no co-incidence - chasing our dreams and creating meaningful change isn't easy. 

This means that there are challenges you need to be able to deal with if you want to live your best life.  To get clarity on the life you want, to discover what's needed, to dig deep, and overcome the hurdles you’ll face. 

I've learned that the key to your success lies in revealing your heart which gives you the power to create the life you want.

There's a process I’ve proven in aligning your desires, your capabilities and your vision, and it starts with my H.E.A.R.T.® framework.



Whether you are a leader in business or a business owner/entrepreneur you are 'Heart of Human'.

Sharing our heart truths is what connects our community and creates the power for change.

"When I first started my business I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, I had these big dreams but I found myself getting stuck until I began to understand how I was getting in my own way, I needed someone to show me what I couldn't see myself"

"I realised in my corporate life I was trying to fulfil someone else's dream rather than taking the time to really get to know who I was and what I wanted, I'm glad I realised what my path was and found the courage to move into the role I really wanted"

"Leading a team through a big change isn't easy and I wasn't sure how to get their buy-in to the change.  I now see that I needed to really understand what they were individually passionate about and harness that energy to really lead the change. Some people realised they weren't in the right environment for them and that was okay."

"I'd never considered I'd be facing burnout doing something I loved but that's exactly what happened until I began to learn what it meant to manage my energy.  I'm so much more effective in my role and I work less hours and get more done"

"I'm smiling now but it's been a really tough journey starting my business. There is so much nobody tells you about that you only find out when you're in it.  I'm great at taking action but I didn't realise it wasn't the right action.  I'm so glad I was able to talk with others about the struggle and learn how to navigate through"

"Getting clarity on my aspirations for my life and aligning them to my skills and talents has been the most effective way I've been able to succeed in my role. There were times I wanted to give up but now that I know what truly drives me I'm able to do what I'm good at knowing it's aligned to what I want"

"Talking about the possibility of failing is incredibly scary as I don't like to fail but I realised I was never going to succeed unless I was prepared to face my fears.  The truth is we all have be ready to face our fears if we want to achieve our dreams, and the secret is knowing how to cultivate the resilience to get back up"

"When I got my first Managing Director role.  I kept thinking people would find out I'm a fraud.  I realise now that most people that find the courage to chase big dreams feel like an imposter at times and it's a good reminder that you're going in the right direction.  What I've learned now is how to trust myself more"



Hearts of Humans

A selection of the heart centred humans that I've had the privilege of working with - Thank you

Renee Duffy, CFO, Australian Community Media

“Organisations that go through change always need to focus strongly on communication, process and outcome. A strong example of an industry going through change is the media industry predominantly due to digital disruption. I have watched the publishing industry transform from publishing to being a multi media platform in the 16 years of my career. In order for this to have been completed successfully and ensuring I was able to capture our finance teams on the journey through this change I couldn’t help but think there was a element for me missing. We had strong, articulate communications, thorough process improvements, changed processes and identified redundant processes which all drove to the common goal of transformation driving efficiency and financial benefits. 

It was not until 2018 when I was introduced to Glin Bayley who presented to a intimate group ‘The Heart Framework’. 
Hope, Energy, Action, Resilience Trust! It then dawned on me that this is the first essential path to start to navigate through change as it focuses on the Human Resources itself, our teams individually we all rely on to drive change success. I needed to BUILD them into change agents before I could have them understand communications and changes in processes and expect them to personally and professionally succeed through this journey. The Heart Framework did absolutely that for me. 

In March Glin presented this framework to our rising star finance and sales leaders in Australian Community Media. The impact was emotional, raw, understanding, logic driven and challenged our own design thinking. This then personally enabled our teams to connect and identify themselves with the change in front of them and arm them with a stronger emotional intelligence to continue on the change path ahead. The framework rebuilt and cemented their confidence in themselves to become change advocates and enabled them to learn and grow through the change process by enabling self leadership over their whole self, building resilience and letting them understand the optic drivers of 360degree success.

The confidence and empowerment the Heart Framework built amongst the teams have given them a hunger for a deeper session into the framework which I am currently now working with Glin to design so we can complete a 3 part HF series. ”




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