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43. What do I want to do with my one precious life?

Season #3

It's a question I started asking myself many years ago in 2014 when my life was turned upside down when my marriage ended.  

Now in the midst of the global pandemic and navigating lockdown life I've been asking myself the same question.

In this episode I share my thoughts about the life I'm living and the life I'd like to be living and what I'd like to focus on for this one precious life of mine.  

One of the things I've learned about myself over these last few years is that self expression is something many of us hide away from.  We often worry too much about what other people with think of us.  

Well what I'm learning to lean into the wiser I get - is my truth.  Being in alignment with myself helps me see that I no longer fear the judgment of others.  My validation comes from within me not outside of me and it's incredibly liberating.  

I hope this episode gives you the inspiration you need to step into your truth and get clarity on what you want to to do with your one precious life.





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