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45. How I consciously choose my life with Melissa Browne

Season #3

PODCAST EPISODE 45 🎧 - How I consciously choose my life with Melissa Browne

My guest today Melissa Browne is a best-selling author, financial educator, business strategist & mentor and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women in particular to live a life by design not default by taking charge of their finances.

She has written three books: the illustrated business book More Money for Shoes, the coffee table book of financial fairy tales, Fabulous but Broke and the global best-seller Unf*ck your finances. Her current book, Budgets Don’t Work (but this does) dives further into understanding your Money Story, Money Environment and Money Type and developing great financial habits that work for your unique Financial Phenotype.

In this podcast episode Mel shares:

- the story behind her success and the journey she took to get there
- how, as a people pleaser growing up, she survived making a significant and brave decision to choose herself when she knew it could mean losing the support of family and friends
- the trigger moments that helped her recognise when she needed to change direction and how to make decisions aligned to both her head and heart
- her insights on moving away from just applying coping strategies to survive life but consciously choose how to live it instead.

Mel has rejected many societal norms and shares what it takes to be courageous and choose yourself. On her way to creating her third seven figure business she has such valuable wisdom to share about her journey to Unstoppable.


Love Glin x


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