Find out what it takes to be Unstoppable

The path to successful leadership can be challenging.  Being a strong female leader requires the courage and self conviction to cheerlead for yourself and your company.

In this book Glin Bayley shows you how to follow your HEART and find out what it takes to be unstoppable.

  • Realise what you really want for yourself and your future
  • Discover your inner fuel to go after your goals
  • Stop procrastinating and learn to move forward
  • Learn how to find strength through setbacks
  • Gain the confidence and courage to believe in yourself

Foreword Written by Lorna Raine, CFO George Weston Foods


One thing I’ve learnt is we have to find a way to bring our authentic selves to the table and fundamentally be true to who we are if we are going to get real satisfaction from what we do and achieve. I also believe that to do this we need to spend more time understanding ourselves and what makes us tick. Whether it is for personal discovery, a career shift or to improve your self-leadership (and leadership in general), Unstoppable Woman will provide the map to navigate this path.

During my own thirty-year career, I have worked with many people. Some have been incredible sponsors, coaches and cheerleaders who have provided me with career and personal development opportunities I did not think I was capable of.

For these I am grateful. That said, there have been difficult, stressful periods too. One being when I was forced to go on my own journey of self-discovery to examine myself, the value I bring to the table and building the courage to use my voice. Glin will inspire and help you to find and use yours too - it is so much more fulfilling to leverage our talents, use our voices and find that seat at the table.

As I write this in 2020, I am sobered by how the world has been turned on its head by a global pandemic. I appreciate that taking a radical career or personal move might not be an option right now. What is available, though, is to take this time of great change and use it for deeper self-reflection using Glin’s self-leadership method.

While this new normal presents us with our own set of challenges (anxiety, social isolation and uncertainty) we can make this a defining event that makes us stronger and better people.

I really hope that as you work through Unstoppable Woman you discover your own magic and use this as an opportunity to build awareness of who you are and what you want, and to find that seat at the table.

Lorna Raine

CFO, George Weston Foods

About Unstoppable Woman

In this book I talk about leadership - but I do so from the perspective of self-leadership and life leadership because my belief is that if we are unable lead ourselves to make the impact we want then we can't lead others to do the same.

Writing this book, in which I also share my personal journey, wasn't easy. There were many moments I felt my own self doubt and sense of imposter creeping in.  I wondered if anyone would even want to read my story (why would anyone care? - said my internal imposter's voice) and was I even ready to share such a vulnerable personal journey and have it out there in the world?

There was one thing that kept me going each time I wanted to give up and hide.  

It was my belief that if I could show you that I am no different to you (by sharing my story and my challenges) then perhaps you would see the power within you to cultivate the confidence to create the life you want.

Each of us have a gift within us to share with the world and I hope through reading this book you'll discover yours.  

It is my wish for you to live your truth and be unstoppable.

Glin x

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