Imposter to Unstoppable One Week Challenge

Are you ready to get out of your own way and create the life you want to live?
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Lead with clarity

Understand who you are and what you want for yourself so you can go and get it without fear holding you back.

Influence Effectively

Learn how to do less and deliver more with more energy.  

To hold boundaries with ease and take aligned action on creating the life you want.

Have Fun

Have lots more time for yourself while making a bigger impact.

Life is to be enjoyed, be the role model you want to be.

What do I get?

  • Live Group Coaching (4 Days)
  • One week of self directed learning (30mins each day) 
  • Access to private Heart of Human female leaders Facebook & Linked In groups

"I signed up for the challenge as I’ve always felt something has stopped me from reaching my full potential both professionally and personally.  I was hoping to discover tools to get to the next level.

There were several ‘aha’ moments during the week with one the very first session.  Once I discovered what my values were, they made me realise why I behaved in certain ways.  I’m more conscious in ensuring my decisions now align with my values.

I feel capable of starting my financial literacy for youth now rather than “one day in the future” and on a bigger scale than what I originally imagined.  My attitude each morning is a lot more positive and I truly feel unstoppable."

Stephanie - Finance Manager, Corys Electrical NZ

Imposter to Unstoppable

It's time to claim the life you want

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Imposter to Unstoppable

Are you ready to join a movement of women ready to claim their seat at the table?

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