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5 Reasons Women Don't Invest Themselves and 5 Things You Should Do Instead

self leadership Jan 25, 2021

It wasn't until I left my finance career in 2018 and started building my coaching practice that I really began to really understand female psychology and the challenge that's facing the corporate world in getting more women at the top table.

I realised very early on I'd chosen one of the most difficult niches to get to work with.


Because I discovered that.....

Women tend to have a reluctance to invest in themselves

And if your businesses aren't investing in you well it becomes quite the challenge to get a 50/50 gender representation at the decision making table.

Over the time I've been coaching and developing my practice I've noticed these consistent themes come up.


 1. "I really want to but it's not the right time" - often it's because it's a really busy time, work is full on and you don't know if you can dedicate the time or the energy. 

It's sounds like a regular day for most corporate leaders and those of you that can see the irony will understand it's the perfect time to develop your self-leadership and leverage your timeto create the life you consciously want to live. There is rarely a 'right' time for anything it's all about your priorities.

We all find the time for the things that matter to us or spend it unconsciously on things that grab our attention.

Time is not usually the real issue we all have the same 24hrs - the truth is investing in yourself to get a better future has to matter more to you than staying the same if it is to make it on your priority list.


 2. "I've never spent that kind of money on me before" - there is always somebody or something else to spend on. Whether it's the family, school fees or a holiday (travel permitted) to escape - there are a lots of ways to spend, especially unconsciously!

I invested in a coach late in my corporate career, something that fundamentally then changed my life. Before this, the thought of investing in myself somehow it seemed indulgent and perhaps reserved only for the executives. Early in my career I just didn't know what coaching really was and the value it brings. I wish I'd known earlier that it would actually help me increase my earning potential through elevating my impact levels and performance because I could leverage insights that helped me see clearly.

It's worth looking at what you do spend on and if it's helping to create the future you want.


 3. "I need to ask my partner/husband" - while budgeting maybe a consideration for the family, I acknowledge and respect that - as a fully formed adult asking someone for permission to invest in yourself isn't something I advocate for.

I want every every woman to feel empowered to choose the future she wants and then have the confidence to find the means to make it happen.

I've observed many women who feel too scared or uncomfortable in asking their organisations to invest in them so they often miss out on the opportunity to get the support they need.


 4. "I don't think I need it at this time" - a flawed thinking that leaves women only choosing to invest in themselves when they are in moments of confusion or crisis and in desperate need of help.

Instead of leveraging support to help them strengthen their leadership impact and build confidence and resilience when things are going well its usually in crisis mode when they pull the trigger to get help - often causing themselves greater angst and lost time in reaching their desired future.


 5. "I'm not sure it will work for me" - the fear of not getting a return is huge and the lack of belief in themselves I've seen as a significant barrier to women investing. When the outcomes ultimately depend on your belief in yourself and your own commitment to take action its an easy opportunity for self sabotage and avoid making the investment. It's often easier to sit with the discomfort of the current reality than risk discovering that you can't be helped - which of course is not true!


So what should you do instead........

If we want a better future where women have an equal voice at the table then it begins with making different choices and each of us owning our part in carving a new path so that future generations of women enjoy a new leadership paradigm


1. Prioritise (Understanding) Yourself

If you don't put yourself first nobody else will. 

Look at what your thoughts, feelings and actions are telling you about who you are being and the life and leadership you are creating for yourself. 

Start to notice where you support yourself or where you put yourself last.

Seek to understand why you do what you so that you can more consciously choose to do the things that move you closer to the future you want.

When you can see yourself clearly and without judgement you start to see how powerful it is to fill your cup first so you can make a bigger impact for the causes you care about.


2. Believe in Yourself

Don't give your power away to some else to believe in you and your capabilities.

I've seen over the years how fickle people can be (ever noticed how things change when your boss changes - hero one minute zero the next?)

When you give others responsibility for caring about your feelings and for believing in you it ultimately leaves you vulnerable to the external conditions around you. Focus on building your own belief in yourself so that you aren't at the mercy of poor leadership.


3. Place value on your time

Stop giving it away to others like it's a cheap commodity.

If you value your time - you help others see the value of your time. Don't keep giving others a reason to steal your time away from the things you want to do.

If you don't place value on your time for your agenda it will always be filled with others' agendas. 

Outsource/delegate activities that don't leverage your gifts and talents. Be savvy about what you give time to, set stronger boundaries and get comfortable saying no.

This way you always have the time for the things that matter most in your life.


4. Lean on proven methods

You don't always have to take the long route to your success and do everything alone.

Shortcut your way to the destination you want to reach by leaning on the methods others have used to accelerate their impact.

If you value your time more you'll see the value of leaning on proven methods to create efficiencies. So ask people for guidance, understand what others do to get the most out of their 24hrs and become some one who has a life to be envied because you got savvy about what really matters to you and put your energy into that.


5. Invest for leveraged growth

Don't be afraid to invest in yourself or ask your business to invest in you.

When you leverage resources and guidance to help you grow your income and accelerate your impact and also create more time for you to enjoy life - you'll wonder why this wasn't something you did before.

We often try to predict outcomes and most of us think we can do things ourselves. I confess I once had that thinking too until my world was changed after having my eyes opened to a whole new world and way of operating.

Sure it can be a little daunting to step into the unknown but it's exhilarating too.


What next?

I'm ready to take on the challenge of helping more women claim their seat at the table because I know businesses will be fiscally better off and have happier teams, and our community and environment will all benefit from having diversity of thinking at the table.

Are you ready to join the movement of Unstoppable Women ready to do the same?

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I hope you'll choose you.


Love Glin x


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