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You are NOT a Narcissist

self leadership Jul 04, 2021

I hadn’t imagined that I’d be talking about narcissism in Episode 30 of the Unstoppable Woman podcast but after attending a recent business retreat in Noosa I knew this had to be the subject I dived deeper into.

Sitting among sixty women all working to grow their business and create the lives that they want to live – I couldn't believe that when it came to idea of stepping into their light nearly every woman was wrestling with her own mind on promoting herself and her business.

When asked why they gave reasons such as "I don’t want people to think I’m a narcissist, that I’ve got this deluded sense of self-importance and a need for admiration".

Nearly everyone had a narrative that said " I why would anyone care about what I’ve got to share and who would listen?".

It got me thinking and self-reflecting.  I had this beautiful moment of Sonder.  The moment that I realised that everyone was feeling the same way I had (and...

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5 Reasons Women Don't Invest Themselves and 5 Things You Should Do Instead

self leadership Jan 25, 2021

It wasn't until I left my finance career in 2018 and started building my coaching practice that I really began to really understand female psychology and the challenge that's facing the corporate world in getting more women at the top table.

I realised very early on I'd chosen one of the most difficult niches to get to work with.


Because I discovered that.....

Women tend to have a reluctance to invest in themselves

And if your businesses aren't investing in you well it becomes quite the challenge to get a 50/50 gender representation at the decision making table.

Over the time I've been coaching and developing my practice I've noticed these consistent themes come up.


 1. "I really want to but it's not the right time" - often it's because it's a really busy time, work is full on and you don't know if you can dedicate the time or the energy. 

It's sounds like a regular day for most corporate leaders and those of you that can see the irony will understand it's...

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