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How to lead with certainty in times of uncertainty

leadership Aug 28, 2020
There are plenty of things you can be certain of in these uncertain times, that make you a much stronger leader.
Right now, the world around us is dealing with a significant magnitude of change and it feels like there is a huge amount of uncertainty facing many of us.
How long will this last? Will I be safe? Will my family and friends be ok? Will I have a job? Will I be able to cope with working and potentially home-schooling for another 6months? Will I keep my sanity with this isolation? Will my business survive? What will happen to the economy if this continues for the remainder of the year AND beyond?
So many questions and some of them can’t be answered – we don’t have certainty.
But when it comes to executive leadership we need to lead with certainty even when it feels like there is none.
So, what can you be certain of at this time?
1. This too shall pass – it always does
2. You can and...
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How women lead - powerful insights into the strength of female leadership in times of crisis

leadership Jun 28, 2020
In large successful organisations it’s very easy for mediocrity in leadership to be the norm. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s easy for leaders to lead when times are good, it’s only when you are required to lead in a crisis that the need for competence and demonstrable ability to perform under pressure magnifies. In these times there is usually no place to hide and any mediocrity is often surfaced.
It’s in times of crisis, hierarchies disintegrate, and people follow those leaders that bring down the emotional temperature of the organisation and demonstrate their leadership competence under extreme pressure.
Covid-19 has been a great example of leadership under pressure and we’ve all had front row seats to a world stage observing global leadership in a time of crisis.
What’s been interesting to observe is the impact female leaders have had and the recognition of their skills on a global scale. I’m talking about...
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