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5 Reasons why you should negotiate your salary

negotiation Dec 05, 2022


  1. You cannot maximise the value that you get for yourself if you avoid negotiating.


I get it, negotiating is uncomfortable. And salary negotiations can be even more uncomfortable because what we're negotiating for is very personal to us. However, when we do not negotiate, we cannot maximise the value that we get for ourselves.


Why is that?


Well, it is very rare and highly unlikely that someone is going to put the best offer that they could give you on the table the very first time. So therefore, if you accept someone's first offer, you are accepting an offer that is not their best offer. And by doing so, you have not maximised the value that could have been available to you if you had negotiated.



  1. Not negotiating costs you much more than you think it does.


You might believe that when you negotiate the value that you get is a one-time gain or a one-time loss, but sadly you would be wrong.


Here’s why…


Say for...

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