Unstoppable Women Monthly Mastermind

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so when it comes to elevating your leadership impact having proximity to the people that will help you continue to level up is incredibly powerful.

I know personally my growth is attributed to having the right people in my corner, those that inspire me and also those that hold me to account not letting me give up on my big dreams and the opportunity to make a valuable contribution in the work I do and create the life I want.

If you'd like to be part of a community of Unstoppable Women that work together each month to get focussed on bringing your vision of the future to life then this mastermind group is for you.

More Clarity

I want you to make the difference that you want to make. Helping you clarify your own vision and creating a clear plan to make it happen.  

When female leaders tap into their purpose and a clear vision it's powerful to see the change that they ignite in the world around them.

More Confidence

Too many women step back from making the impact they are more than capable of making because they lack the inner confidence.  

I work with you to unlock your unstoppable power and create the life and leadership you want.

More Time & Fun

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. I believe women can and do accomplish more by working smarter, not longer or harder.  

I work with you to create your leadership leverage and have a greater impact with less work.

Unstoppable Women Monthly Mastermind


Intimate Group

  • 1hr Mastermind Group Session & 1hr Mindset Masterclass each month.
  • Break the habits that are getting in your way and breakthrough in your influence and impact levels - nominate yourself for hot seat group coaching within the mastermind group session.
  • Need guidance - submit questions in advance and also request topics you would like covered specific to your needs
  • A 1hr mindset masterclass - focus on how to create and elevate your leadership impact and cultivate the confidence for the life you want.  (Access on demand if unable to attend live)  
  • Access to ongoing resources and tools to help you be unstoppable
  • A private Facebook group for mastermind members only
  • No lock ins - cancel anytime
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Thinking of working with me?

Here's what others have to say about working with me.

Dilly Commaraswamy - CFO MedicineWise

"I enjoyed the HEART leadership program, it helped me to understand some of the blockers I was experiencing and clear them.  Glin was engaging and authentic, she was invested in helping me solve the problem I had challenged myself to solve.  I highly recommend investing the time in yourself to complete this program with Glin"

Madeleine Robertson - GM of Marketing, Mad Mex

"Through the serendipitous world that was and continues to be Covid-19. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Glin’s Heart Experience program and Heart Conversations and these rapidly became the highlight of my week. Glin facilitated the sessions in a way that enabled difficult issues to be raised, and mindsets teased apart and challenged. We all left the sessions richer than when we started, and with practical tools and action plans that we could then apply to our own specific situations.

It was also great to be able to connect with a group of likeminded women. We may have been very different in our experiences and life stages but we were all unified by the desire to grow and be our best selves – to be unstoppable!"

Kerry Andrews - COO, Blackline Retail

"The program challenged the way I think – mostly by considering how differently others think and using that knowledge to improve relationships and resolve problems.  

I make more of an effort to tackle and resolve issues and challenge assumptions rather than just accepting how things are.  

I really enjoyed Glin’s program, especially challenging the way I think. The Heart Experience has made me a better leader by improving my confidence and learning how to build better relationships."