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The 'invisible load' and why it's time you quit your role as the household manager

change leadership Jul 07, 2021

Guest Blog Written by Lisa Hodgson - My Curated Life 

The stats are clear, around the world, women spend two to ten times more on unpaid care work than men and this inequality is linked to discriminatory stereotypes on gender roles.

The extra visible load is obvious and, to be fair, many men have over the last 10 years picked up more of this load, taking on more cooking, washing, childcare etc.

The ‘invisible’ load

But it is the 'invisible' load that is a bigger issue, the planning, the organising, the decision making around everything that goes into running a household and managing kids. Many women have unconsciously adopted the role of the 'household manager'. There was no recruitment process for the job, societal norms and a lack of awareness has resulted in women adopting this unpaid and often unrecognised role in many homes.

Examples of the ‘invisible’ load

A partner refuses to get the kids dressed because he doesn't know what to dress...

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Why is it that even though we know change is inevitable, we still fight against it?  Is it a fear of the unknown?  Is it a belief that the future isn’t going to be as good? Or is that we are happy and we don’t want things to change? Perhaps it is all of those.
Change is a fact of life.  Nothing ever stays the same, the seasons change, we get older, we grow in our understanding; we change our jobs, our homes, our friendships, our partners, our clothes, and our mind!  
We experience change on a daily basis and it is necessary for our evolution that we flourish in this ever changing environment.  Yet whilst we know change is a necessary part of life it is something we often find ourselves resisting. 
A number of years ago I read a book which was recommended to me called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’  It’s one of those books that you could read at any age but one which is so profound that it...
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